About EI Forum | Disruption

    We are excited this year to look at the disruptive power of the gospel to drive innovation. Disruption instigates a powerful occasion to not only understand the deeper drives that govern our motives, but to solidify our commitments that lead to resolute actions and innovation. This year’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Forum will explore these dynamics to help participants discern how the gospel transforms the way we experience disruption.

    God uses disruption in our lives to confront us with His reality, especially during times when we are consumed by ourselves and our own agenda. When we are confronted with the vision of God’s glory in the light of the gospel, fearful avoidance turns into courageous action.Empowered by God’s love, we are able to see otherwise potentially unnerving changes in our world as opportunities to bring about Spirit-led innovation. As the gospel becomes clearer, disruption can distinctively refine and hone our sense of calling, commitment, and purpose in our work.
    We are particularly excited to convene this year’s EI Forum.  The Forum is open to people of all professions and industries, and is not intended to be limited solely to entrepreneurs.  However, in order to create a more intimate and focused environment for this year’s participants, registration will be capped at 150 attendees. We hope this will provide the potential for greater opportunities to process the material presented alongside other participants, fostering meaningful relational connections.  
    The Forum will be highly interactive, creating the needed time and space for both individuals and groups to reflect on and respond to how God uses disruption to sharpen and renew 1) our motivations for work, 2) how we shape relational dynamics at work, and 3) our imagination for innovation. 


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